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Cheap Dynamic DNS with own domain

Domains from cost £7/per year for a and £11/per year each domain comes with DDNS feature included, To host your own domain on some DDNS service can be as much as £18($25)/per year. Problem is that the DDNS dropdowns on most routers, especially if from an ISP, only have a
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Upload problem with Backblaze on 64 bit computer (Intel Apollo Lake?) (possible workaround).

** This is now fixed, see ** IMPORTANT: The workaround in this article is NOT supported by Backblaze, my ticket with them was closed before the problem was resolved on my 2 computers. If anyone has Backblaze stuck on ‘Producing File Lists…‘, please add your computer CPU and Motherboard information to
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Resetting OneDrive with Sync Issues on Windows 10

I was trying out a backup to OneDrive using Arq5, the backup had got to 400GB (hadn’t noticed it had got that far). I decided to quit the backup and deleted the files created by Arq5 from the web interface of OneDrive. This is when problems started, the 5 machines that sync
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Windows 10 Update Names, Versions and Builds

Here is a list of the version numbers and builds to match the Updates Names to the information in the Windows 10 System Info App. Windows 10 Initial Release (Jul 2015) OS Build: 10240 Fall Update (Nov 2015) Version: 1511 OS Build: 10586 Anniversary Update (Jun 2016) Version: 1607 OS Build: 14393
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Windows 10 Tablet/Mini PC low on space?

If you are low on space on your Windows 10 OS tablet or Mini PC, you could try compressing the OS. With an elevated command prompt, type: compact /compactos:query Depending on the compressed state you will get: “The system is in the compact state. It will remain in this state unless an