Upload problem with Backblaze on 64 bit computer (possible workaround).

** The workaround in this article is not supported by Backblaze **

** If anyone has Backblaze stuck on ‘Producing File Lists…‘, please add your computer CPU and Motherboard information to the comments, Thanks **

I recently decided to give Backblaze another try, tempted by the unlimited backup for $5 a month.

I have tried it before but did not like that I could not select only the folders I wanted to backup, ie OneDrive, instead you have to jump through hoops to exclude everything else.  Even if I move my OneDrive to my storage drive, the C drive cannot be excluded.

On the machine I installed Backblaze it would not backup, just reports that it is producing a file list, it appear that bztransmit64.exe was crashing with an Access Violation Error.  I reported to Backblaze and they are currently helping to resolve that issue.  This machine has an Intel chipset whereas the machine the backup worked on was an AMD.


I have managed to figure out a workaround for version which might help others with same issue:

After running the bztransmit64.exe -testify I get the crash but not with bztransmit.exe -testify

So I renamed the bztransmit64.exe (4492 KB) to bztransmit64.old.exe in:

c:\Program Files (x86)\BackBlaze
c:\Program Files (x86)\BackBlaze\x64

Created a copy of bztransmit.exe (2907 KB) and renamed copy to bztransmit64.exe and copied to:

c:\Program Files (x86)\BackBlaze
c:\Program Files (x86)\BackBlaze\x64

It is important to copy to both places, either restart the computer or restart the ‘bzserv’ service, open the Backblaze UI and click backup now.

This workaround seems to force the Backblaze to use the 32 bit rather than the 64 bit version of bztransmit

Backblaze should now start uploading, my install is reporting upload speed of 147GB a day, which is very good.

Click here to get a 30 day free trial or Backblaze rather than the usual 7 days.

UPDATE: Backblaze support believes my Windows 10 install is corrupted, i had already reset and cleaned programs and data and installed Backblaze on the 16 Dec.  When I get time after the holidays I will do a proper install with format.

UPDATE: I have Backblaze on 2 computers ASRock J4205-ITX (not working) and a ASUS M5A99X EVO (working), I just installed on my Beelink AP34 and getting the same issue as the ASRock J4205-ITX, both are Apollo Lake chipset so this MAY be the issue.

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