EdgeManage (Modified) – Edge Favorites Sync Issue

I will send the changes I have made to the developer.  This version allows you to click on the folders and show a total of favourites in that folder, this is important whilst trying to solve the Edge Favourites Disappearing Issue also if an export of a Google Chrome Bookmarks files (html) is imported into … Continue reading EdgeManage (Modified) – Edge Favorites Sync Issue


TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb Control for Windows

Just finished the basic version 1.0 of TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb control for Windows, still working on it, so follow my blog and check back here for new versions. These are standalone executables, no extra DLL files are required. If you have any issues please let me know in the comments below. Instructions GUI On the settings tab add … Continue reading TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb Control for Windows

Comodo Individual Code Signing – UK Issues

Programmers out there will understand the importance of code signing, to the end user, it stops the yellow untrusted publisher window from appearing when running software, and shows the executable has not been tampered with. All the utilities on this site are Code Signed, for the last 2 years they were signed by Thawte but they no … Continue reading Comodo Individual Code Signing – UK Issues

Upload problem with Backblaze on 64 bit computer (Intel Apollo Lake?) (possible workaround).

IMPORTANT: The workaround in this article is NOT supported by Backblaze, my ticket with them was closed before the problem was resolved on my 2 computers. If anyone has Backblaze stuck on 'Producing File Lists...', please add your computer CPU and Motherboard information to the comments, so Backblaze will do something about it, Thanks I … Continue reading Upload problem with Backblaze on 64 bit computer (Intel Apollo Lake?) (possible workaround).