TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb Control for Windows

plugin-iconJust finished the basic version 1.0 of TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb control for Windows, still working on it, so follow my blog and check back here for new versions.

These are standalone executables, no extra DLL files are required.

If you have any issues please let me know in the comments below.



On the settings tab add your TP-Link cloud username and password.

NOTE: Only devices registered in the Android/iOS as remote and connected will appear.

Select a device and click On or Off button, double-click device to toggle.

Select a bulb and adjust brightness value, click the set button, this will turn on the bulb with selected brightness.

NOTE: I have hardcoded that a device named SERVER cannot be turned off without prompting, and the toggle is disabled.

TPLink showing Plugs and Bulbs, a bulb is selected so brightness setting is shown

Command Line


This allows batch scripts to control devices.

The login command is only required once per session, this saves the Username and Password for multiple commands, Logoff clears them.

Example Script

TPcmd -login -username “” -password “password”
TPcmd -device “LAMP” -on
TPcmd -device “LAMP” -brightness 20
TPcmd -device “BEDROOM” -off
TPcmd -logoff


TPcmd -login -username “” -password “password”
Login: OK

TPcmd -devicelist

TPcmd -device “BEDROOM” -on
Relay: 1

TPcmd -device “BEDROOM” -off
Relay: 0

TPcmd -device “BEDROOM” -toggle
Relay: 1

TPcmd -device “BEDROOM” -status
Relay: 0 or 1

TPcmd -device “BEDROOM” -brightness  62
Relay: 1
Brightness: 62

TPcmd -logoff
Logoff: Ok

Supported Devices and Actions


  • Relay On/Off/Toggle


  • Relay On/Off/Toggle


  • Relay On/Off/Toggle
  • Brightness


Both require .net 4.5 minimum


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  1. Hi, thanks for letting me know, I have reported the issue to WordPress as the files are fine and other files can be downloaded. The files can now be downloaded through the links which at now pointing to

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