This is a basic TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb control for Windows, it is based on reverse engineering of the TP-Link protocol, which is still a work in progress and new versions are published on the Windows Store.

If you have any issues please let me know in the comments below.


On the settings tab add your TP-Link cloud username and password.

NOTE: Only devices registered in the Android/iOS as remote and connected will appear.

Select a device and click On or Off button, double-click the device to toggle.

Select a bulb and adjust the brightness value, click the set button, this will turn on the bulb with the selected brightness.

NOTE: I have hardcoded that a device named ‘SERVER’ cannot be turned off without prompting, and the toggle is disabled.

TPLink showing Plugs and Bulbs, a bulb is selected so brightness setting is shown

Supported Devices and Actions

Please let me know if the comments if there are missing working devices in this list, I cannot test all Kasa devices only the ones I own.


  • Relay On/Off/Toggle


  • Relay On/Off/Toggle

KP303 (3-Way Powerstrip)

  • Each socket Relay On/Off/Toggle


  • Relay On/Off/Toggle


  • Relay On/Off/Toggle
  • Brightness


The TP-Link App can be downloaded from the Windows Store

Do not ask support questions in the comments, post a ticket here