LOVEFiLM Closing – UK Alternative

Amazon are closing the LOVEFILM DVD/Bluray rental service on 31 Oct 2017, Amazon’s suggested replacement for this service is their own Amazon Prime Video, this is ok if you don’t mind poor selection, poor picture quality, colour banding, lossy soundtracks and of course there are parts of the UK without the bandwidth to stream. In […]

Stop backups at set time in Arq5.

A review of Arq5 backup software is coming soon. I have requested a few features, one being the ability to STOP backups at a HH:MM, as the only option at the moment is PAUSE between HH:MM and HH:MM, I am backing up 4TB so when it unpauses it continues the same large folder as before, and does […]

Remove ‘Amazon Drive’ from File Explorer after uninstall on Windows 10

I uninstalled the Amazon Drive on Windows 10, it left a ‘Amazon Drive’ folder in the navigation of File Explorer. To remove this: Always backup the registry before editing Press Win + R, to open Run Dialog Type regedit Click View Menu and select Address Bar Paste the following into the address bar: Computer\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{9B57F475-CCB0-4C85-88A9-2AA9A6C0809A} Press […]

LG OLED55E6V No Refresh Rate OSD

This is here for LG technical support staff: The LG OLED55E6V does not display the refresh rate with the screen resolution information like my previous LG 49UB850V LCD, on clicking the INFO button it would display something like: 16:9 1080P PCM 24Hz The OLED55E6V only displays: 16:9 1080P PCM, like so:   I changed input […]