LG OLED55E6 55″ OLED TV, possibly the last OLED with 3D capability as LG (not the customers) decided they didn’t want it.  Link to Article/Petition

AV Receiver

Marantz NR1608 Slim AV Receiver – ATMOS/DTS:X


Front: Guru Juniors

These small speakers are designed for small/medium rooms and can go down to 34Hz.  Very difficult to track down in the UK.

Rear Surround: Cambridge Audio Minx MIN 12

Rear Surround: Forex Board Speaker (No longer used as acoustic panels installed, see article for more information)

Media Player

Vero 4K. A very good and stable player, with a great remote. It is based on Kodi but stably supports MVC 3D.

Beelink AP34 (Apollo Lake) Fanless MiniPC (retired due to Intel driver problems) Link to Build

Media Server/NAS

Asrock J4205-ITX 33TB Stablebit Drivepool

This holds my lossless CD Rips and Hi-Res audio files, DVD, Bluray, and 3D Blu-rays.

This is all direct streamed to my devices with Emby Server.

Link to Build