LG 3D TV Petition

Non of LG’s 2017 lineup have 3D, I have a 2014 LG Passive 3D TV, and like many others have been waiting for OLED prices to drop (and the curved models to disappear), before taking the plunge so this is disappointing.

A petition has been set up to bring this ommision to the attention of the LG powers that be, it cant do any harm to sign, if like me, people who have large 3D Bluray collections and want to enjoy them into in future.  Especially with so many great 3D films expected in the cinemas this year.

The petition as of 29 Jan 17, has attracted 6700 signatures.

LG 3D TV Petition

UPDATE: Decided to upgrade my 49UB850V to a OLED55E6V, as it might be the last OLED 3D TV, hopefully LG see sense to at least include one 3D TV in it’s range in future.  The OLED55E6V has absolutely wonderful picture quality, and the 3D is amazing even compared to the 49UB850V’s already great passive 3D.

The popularity of the OLED55E6V has shot up on PriceSpy.co.uk since the announcement around CES, probably from people like myself trying to get the last OLED 3D TVs, the price of the TV with the 5 year guarantee have remained around £2350-£2500, during this time:

Popularity increase of OLED55E6V since CES 3D annoucement

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