I use my computer as a Media Player and NAS storage, if i log on remotely the Intel Display Audio does not work (Red cross on icon in task bar).  I have to manually Disable / Enable it in the device manager to get audio back.

To get round this I have added a Task that restarts the audio device when I log on, which i have to do manually after I have logged on with RDP elsewhere.

You need to obtain DevCon.exe for x86/x64 from the WDK kit, and place it in C:\Windows for this to work. You can obtain DevCon.exe by downloading 2 files, explained in the section  For Windows 7/8/8.1/10 + Windows Server 2008(R2)/2012(R2)/2016,  in the blog How to obtain Device Console Utility (DevCon.exe) without downloading and installing the entire Windows Driver Kit

Find the DeviceID

To find the DeviceID of Intel Display Audio, open a cmd prompt, and type:

devcon listclass media


look for ‘Intel Display Audio’ and note down the value in the string that starts with &DEV_ and end with &, ie in the example it is &DEV_280A&, you need the value between the &’s

So the restart command for this device would be:

devcon restart =media *DEV_280A*

Create a new task in the Task Scheduler

Open the Task Scheduler (either search for it, or go to Start > Windows Administrative Tools > Task Scheduler)

Select ‘Create Basic Task’ and the task a name like ‘Reset Audio on Logon’

Give task the name ‘Reset Audio on Logon’
Select ‘When I Log On’
Select ‘Start a program’, click next >
Browser to c:\Windows\Devcon.exe, and the restart command you obtained from the device list command
Tick the the ‘Open Properties Dialog’ and click finish.
Tick ‘Run with highest Privileges’, click Ok.  You can right click the task you have just created and click run now to test it work, you should result of (0x0)