This post relates to the following articles, which contains an overview of the issue and the workaround developed to resolve the issue:


GREAT NEWS, I received the following email on the 9 Jul:

My name is Christopher and I am one of the senior support agents here at Backblaze. Our engineering team has identified and released a fix for the Backblaze software which addresses issues with the OpenSSL implementation for Apollo Lake processors. The updated version of the Backblaze software is available via the beta link here:

The root cause appears to be a bug in OpenSSL, we use for both encryption and to do HTTPS (encrypted traffic). An “optimization” in OpenSSL was hand-written assembly language to make something faster, and it broke our compatibility with Apollo Lake. Our fix is to disable the speed optimization for Apollo Lake chipsets, so the Backblaze processes will run slightly slower but no longer crash. Here is a link to the OpenSSL thread our engineering team found and referenced:

Backblaze support

I have installed the BETA and it seems to be working fine.

Since 16 Dec 2017 i have sent 5 support tickets, many logs and suggestions, the workaround that I included in my blog to allow Backblaze to benefit from customers that would not have been able to use this fantastic backup service.

I did try to ask for a little thank you of a couple of credits on my account or something for my workaround that enabled people to use and pay for the BackBlaze service using my workaround during the 18 months of this bug being present. Sadly I got nothing for my efforts, oh well, thanks Backblaze !!!

If you would like to try Backblaze click the following link