Problems with Wordpress, download links to .zips now moved to OneDrive

Update to Links to .Zip files are down WordPress does not specify files that can be uploaded in a ZIP file container, see Wordpress Accepted Filetypes, just that you can upload these types if you pay money for a subscription. I chatted to WordPress about the issue eventually saying EXE files are not allowed in ZIPs.  It … Continue reading Problems with WordPress, download links to .zips now moved to OneDrive


TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb Control for Windows

Just finished the basic version 1.0 of TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb control for Windows, still working on it, so follow my blog and check back here for new versions. These are standalone executables, no extra DLL files are required. If you have any issues please let me know in the comments below. Instructions GUI On the settings tab add … Continue reading TP-Link Smartplug/Smartbulb Control for Windows