IdleComputer V2.1

See original article for full description Force NAS Computer to Sleep when idle This version makes it more suited to NAS only use (with 'Ignore Keyboard and Mouse' on) and a work computer with the setting off.  This will probably be the final version unless there are feature requests. As the monitored IP could change by DHCP, it … Continue reading IdleComputer V2.1


Make small Album Art images for Squeezebox

Convert a full size folder.jpg to a small 200x200 version suitable for use with the Squeezebox remote control.  It also creates a backup of folder.jpg called cover.jpg (if not already there). This works on individual artwork or a folder can be selected. Download: (Version 1.1) Changelog: 1.1 Once image or folder is selected, the folder … Continue reading Make small Album Art images for Squeezebox