EdgeManage with Favorite Count in the status bar

I will send the changes I have made to the developer.  This version allows you to click on the folders and show a total of favourites in that folder, this is important whilst trying to solve the Edge Favourites Disappearing Issue also if an export of a Google Chrome Bookmarks files (HTML) is imported into EdgeManage the Bookmarks Bar is correctly renamed when importing (Bookmarks bar to _Favorites_bar_).

You can download the EdgeManage Zipped EXE, that can be dropped into the following folder:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Emmet Gray\EdgeManage

UPDATE: I created a new virtual Hyper-V computer as a development machine to create programs for the blog, I used this to import the bookmarks.html (exported from Google Chrome) with EdgeManage, this seems to have solved my syncing issue no favorites have disappeared in about week.  I am using this change above to check the Favorites count on various machines, Windows 10 mobile, and Edge for Android to see if this is the case.