UNIX time Convertor

Convert time to Unix time and perform calculations on it. Download: UnixGMTConverter.exe Changelog: 1.3 Added minimize button did not hide program correctly, so removed 1.2 New Design 1.0 Initial Release

Make small Album Art images for Squeezebox

Convert a full-size folder.jpg to a small 200×200 version suitable for use with the Squeezebox remote control.  It also creates a backup of folder.jpg called cover.jpg (if not already there). This works on individual artwork or a folder can be selected, from 1.4 you can drag and drop pictures and files. Download: CreateSmallAlbumArtwork.exe Changelog: 1.6folder_small.jpg […]

Force NAS Computer to Sleep when idle

This program is useful for a computer that is being used as a NAS, it allows the computer to switch to sleep when not required, and when Network card and Media Player (ie Kodi) is configured to WOL, this can save a lot of power. This program monitors key presses and mouse movements and also […]