** Initial report on 21 June, still outstanding as of 6 Aug (45 Days)**

Large File Issue

EasyWP is a cheap managed hosted WordPress, I host 3 sites on it, 2 have downloads or photos sections, but the 3rd site is a proper business site that has large software installation files customers download around once every 1-2 months.

I have been in contact with Namecheap after we switched to EasyWP as the downloads on the site (around 170MB) were failing as different points or not starting at all.

Namecheap have confirmed it is a file size limit issue but have still not fixed it in 7 days (as of 29 Jun). Until this is fixed I would NOT recommend EasyWP for anything but simple personal/business website use.

I will update this section as the the ticket progresses, still not resolved as of 1 Jul.

3 Jul – Still not fixed and no technical support support until prompted by customer support. I received an error page (503 Varnish Cache Server) trying to download the file, the file is being cached and was not available, i searched the issue and there was some chatter about the timeout setting being a possible issue (https://www.section.io/blog/varnish-cache-503-error-guru-meditation/), i passed this onto Namecheap support and it was immediately dismissed:

Unfortunately, the files get cached too on the cloudserver.

The timeout settings should not cause the issue and unfortunately, the settings cannot be modified on the EasyWP subscription.

Namecheap Support

3 Jul – Observation: If a file is downloaded whilst it is being uploaded with ftps, the partial upload is cached, and is downloaded at the next attempt even when the upload is completed.

Looks like ALL files are cached by Varnish Cache (ie the 162mb exe file ) not just the important pages to make the website display quicker, ie htm, php, js, css.

4 Jul – Did not contact, BUT no update from Namecheap.

5 Jul – Received the usual we are working on this issue, after i requested an update.

8 Jul – Still not working, a customer got the Varnish 503 error today, this is not good.

18 Jul – Still not working, asked for update from support.

6 Aug – Still not working