** NOTE: This is for EE Smarthubs with firmware at least July 2018, for older firmware click here **

With the EE Smarthub if you switch the Wi-Fi to separate bands you cannot type the name you want for the 5 GHz network, it is automatically prefixed with 5GHz- as you type.

Change in Microsoft Edge

Open Microsoft Edge

Go to the EE Router admin page

Click Advanced Settings

Click Advanced Wi-Fi

Slide Separate Bands toggle to ON (if not already done)

Press f12 key or select ‘F12 Developer Tools’ in the Edge settings menu

On the Debugger tab, add a breakpoint to line 304:

On the EE page change the 5Ghz wifi name to a different name and click save. Line 304 will be highlighted and ‘pause’ symbol will appear on the EE Page.

Click the console tab, at the cursor type:

Temp1=”Your New SSID here

Press enter

Click the play icon in the toolbar (or hit f5) to continue, it will take a while to indicate the change has saved.

Remove the breakpoint from line 304 and refresh the EE page, the new SSID should now be advertised to clients.

NOTE: The 5Ghz- prefix will still be shown on the webpage but not used, you will need to do this every time you change the 5Ghz network SSID as EE will always try to add the 5Ghz- prefix.