Renaming 5 GHz network SSID on EE Smarthub with Microsoft Edge

EE Smarthub

** NOTE: With the EE July 2018 firmware update, instead of adding useful features the programmers at EE have chosen to use resources to block this workaround, so 5Ghz prefix is now added after clicking the save button.  I will look for a new method when I have time **

Just received my new EE Smarthub router through the post, decided to configure it before I switch from BT in a few days so I have no messing around with Wi-Fi issues on the day.

With the EE Smarthub if you switch the Wi-Fi to separate bands you cannot type the name you want for the 5 GHz network, it is automatically prefixed with 5GHz- as you type.

As my whole network is already configured with another name I want to keep as I have about 20 devices connected, here is how to change it:

Open Microsoft Edge

Go to the EE Router admin page

Click Advanced Settings

Click Advanced Wi-Fi

Slide Separate Bands toggle to ON

(If you try to type a new name in the 5 GHz name box 5GHz- is suffixed to the name you typed)

Press f12 key or select ‘F12 Developer Tools’ in the Edge settings menu

Select the Console tab, at the flashing cursor type:

wifi_Z2_input.value=”Your New SSID here

Press enter

Now press the Save button that is it.

3 thoughts on “Renaming 5 GHz network SSID on EE Smarthub with Microsoft Edge

  1. Thanks for this. Just wanted to add you can do a similar JavaScript hack for the WiFi password, which is validated to be ‘secure’. I run a WiFi extender with shared ssid and I’m not changing my home network password because you insist on a capital letter.

    You will need to use Firefox developer edition and put a runtime pause at the line of script that does the validation, use the console to blank the string it tests, then continue the execution so it skips the check.

    Glad they did the validation client side as JavaScript so it can be hacked but still, auto text replace and aggressive validation…. these developers can go to hell.

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