Renaming 5 GHz network SSID on EE Smarthub with Microsoft Edge

EE SmarthubJust received my new EE Smarthub router through the post, decided to configure it before I switch from BT in a few days so I have no messing around with Wi-Fi issues on the day.

With the EE Smarthub if you switch the Wi-Fi to separate bands you cannot type the name you want for the 5 GHz network, it is automatically prefixed with 5GHz- as you type.

As my whole network is already configured with another name I want to keep as I have about 20 devices connected, here is how to change it:

Open Microsoft Edge

Go to the EE Router admin page

Click Advanced Settings

Click Advanced Wi-Fi

Slide Separate Bands toggle to ON

(If you try to type a new name in the 5 GHz name box 5GHz- is suffixed to the name you typed)

Press f12 key or select ‘F12 Developer Tools’ in the Edge settings menu

Select the Console tab, at the flashing cursor type:

wifi_Z2_input.value=”Your New SSID here

Press enter

Now press the Save button that is it.

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