Please see the original post at Comodo Individual Code Signing – UK Issues

I have just applied to update my code signing certificate on the 5 Mar 2021, for the next 3 years, due to previously been required to use a notary to confirm my identity in the UK this added about $100 ($140) to the cost, I dont want to pay that every year.

This time Sectigo (formerly Comodo) that kSoftware are partners with was able to verify my identity by photo of photo government document and a selfie of the document near my face, this is much easier as Solicitor (Notary) visits would be difficult with the current Covid-19 restrictions.

This is much better experience and my certificate was issued in 2 days instead of nearly 2 weeks previously.

kSoftware pricing is very good for code signing certs, 1 year $84, 2 year $79.50/yr and 3 year $69.66/yr.