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Windows 10 Tablet/Mini PC low on space?

If you are low on space on your Windows 10 OS tablet or Mini PC, you could try compressing the OS. With an elevated command prompt, type: compact /compactos:query Depending on the compressed state you will get: “The system is in the compact state. It will remain in this state unless an
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Reclaim space from Windows 10 WinSxS folder

On my main PC my WinSxS folder increased to 28GB, to check it can be cleaned run the following from an elevated command prompt: Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore Result: Component Store (WinSxS) information: Windows Explorer Reported Size of Component Store : 9.13 GB Actual Size of Component Store : 7.97 GB Shared
Article LOVEFiLM Closing – UK Alternative

Amazon are closing the LOVEFiLM DVD/Bluray rental service on 31 Oct 2017, Amazon’s suggested replacement for this service is their own Amazon Prime Video, this is ok if you don’t mind poor selection, poor picture quality, colour banding, lossy soundtracks and of course there are parts of the UK without the bandwidth