Windows 10 Tablet/Mini PC low on space?

If you are low on space on your Windows 10 OS tablet or Mini PC, you could try compressing the OS.

With an elevated command prompt, type:

compact /compactos:query

Depending on the compressed state you will get:

“The system is in the compact state. It will remain in this state unless an administrator changes it”  

The OS is already compressed, no need to compress.

“The system is not in the compact state because Windows has determined that, it is not beneficial for this system”

As it shows the “not beneficial for this system” message, there is no need to compress the OS.

If you get a message that compressing is recommended then, to compress:

compact /compactos:always

To Uncompress:

compact /compactos:never

If you still have not recovered enough space, you could try Reclaim space from Windows 10 WinSxS folder

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