Amazon are closing the LOVEFiLM DVD/Bluray rental service on 31 Oct 2017, Amazon’s suggested replacement for this service is their own Amazon Prime Video, this is ok if you don’t mind poor selection, poor picture quality, colour banding, lossy soundtracks and of course there are parts of the UK without the bandwidth to stream.

In the UK, the alternative seems to be Cinema Paradiso, I must admit I had never looked for alternatives before as i was happy with the LOVEFiLM service, this but this service seems to be very good and offers films in 4K which LOVEFiLM didn’t

As well as that if you select the formats you like, ie:

  • Bluray
  • Bluray 3D
  • 4K

It will automatically put the highest item on the list into your queue, this is great as I always want to rent the 3D version if available.  The interface in general is a lot more flexible than LOVEFiLM too, you can add items directly to the top of the queue and arrange the order to how you like it later.

This link below gives a FREE 30 day trial rather than the normal 14 days:

Cinema Paradiso 30 day VIP trial