Links to .Zip files are down

A reader of my blog reported that the zip files on the site are down, I have reported this to WordPress and they are investigating the issue. Please use the following link to download the zip files until this is fixed. Link to zips on OneDrive No longer updated on onedrive Thank
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Comodo Individual Code Signing – UK Issues

This article has been updated with experience of code signing renewal in 2021 – Update to ‘Comodo Individual Code Signing – UK Issues’ Programmers out there will understand the importance of code signing, to the end user, it stops the yellow untrusted publisher window from appearing when running software, and shows the executable
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Problem with Edge Favourites Syncing (Again)

I have tried to solve Edge Sync issues before and succeeded using my article here, and all was working well. Recently my favorites did not seem to be syncing properly again so I backed them up to an HTML file and imported into Chrome. The problem is that if you import the Bookmarks HTML
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Cheap Dynamic DNS with own domain

Domains from namecheap.com cost £7/per year for a .co.uk and £11/per year each domain comes with DDNS feature included, To host your own domain on some DDNS service can be as much as £18($25)/per year. Problem is that the DDNS dropdowns on most routers, especially if from an ISP, only have a