WordPress forced updates… again!!!

On 8 January 2019, WordPress pushed out another unwelcomed update to the site, I thought there was something wrong with the site or a clash with the Night Light Mode on my Surface tablet, the nice orange highlight had been changed to dark pink. I contacted support on my main computer and

Download links now at hosted @ BackBlaze B2

The links to zip and exe files are now hosted at BackBlaze B2, all my own files are digitally signed. Where possible the links are now to the exe files rather than the exe in a zip file. Some files in zips can give a security error with Google Chrome as it
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TIP: Android Guest/Private Area and Google Pay

I set up a Guest/Private Area on my new Nokia 7.1, as I use the Microsoft Launcher by default, this would allow me to look at the Pure Google theme of Android One on the Guest account. After doing this my Google Pay did not work when went to the store (Embarrassing).