On 8 January 2019, WordPress pushed out another unwelcomed update to the site, I thought there was something wrong with the site or a clash with the Night Light Mode on my Surface tablet, the nice orange highlight had been changed to dark pink.

I contacted support on my main computer and noticed that this change also effects the support within my account, my comments had a horrible pink background.

Chat with the new forced colour scheme

I was informed that I can go a similar theme by going into settings and selecting Classic Blue, this is nowhere near the good as it used to be, the dashboard now looks depressing and dull and the current day in the stats is also the same blue, not the orange it was previously, the map is dark blue to black (as one forum comment describes it, map of plague deaths).

I have commented on the announcement blog that WordPress added on the day it was forced out:

Please can you return the colours to as they were as the default theme, then when the designers can work out how to deploy a change correctly have it as an option to change the colours (to the depressing themes they have chosen), not force it.

Even if you do change to classic blue, the stats current day is no longer highlighted orange, it is the same dark blue.

I spoke to support as i thought it was something i messed up, they accepted my concerns about the forced colour change, this was hard to read as the chat window was the horrible pink colour with white writing, but they can only tell me the designers decided to do it, and blogged about it the day they pushed out the change.

UPDATE 1: The Orange stats bar has been changed back to Orange (a dull one but orange)

UPDATE 2: The Stats map has now been changed to shades of orange (rather than the dark blue to black)