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Reclaim space from Windows 10 WinSxS folder

On my main PC my WinSxS folder increased to 28GB, to check it can be cleaned run the following from an elevated command prompt: Dism.exe /online /Cleanup-Image /AnalyzeComponentStore Result: Component Store (WinSxS) information: Windows Explorer Reported Size of Component Store : 9.13 GB Actual Size of Component Store : 7.97 GB Shared
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Upgrade Windows 10 Home to Professional without reinstallation

I purchased a cheap (£6) Windows 10 Professional key from an marketplace seller to upgrade my Beelink AP34 from Home to Professional Edition. Windows 10 Pro Upgrade – Amazon Marketplace (THTraders) (No longer available) Search for ‘Windows 10 Pro License Key’ on Amazon, check the review of the sellers before purchase.
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Restart Audio Driver after Remote Desktop Use

I use my computer as a Media Player and NAS storage, if i log on remotely the Intel Display Audio does not work (Red cross on icon in task bar).  I have to manually Disable / Enable it in the device manager to get audio back. To get round this I have
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Edge Favourites not syncing (Workaround)

UPDATE: On the 25th January, with no changes to my computers and phone, the syncing restarted so i don’t know if Microsoft had suddenly turn something back on. At the moment my Edge favourites are not syncing due to an issue that Microsoft does not seem to acknowedge or attempt to fix.
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Backup Edge Favorites Script

Download Edge Favourites and unzip the folder into your OneDrive. ie OneDrive\Scripts\Edge Favourites Backup It contains the following Folders\Files: Backups\ 7za.exe (hidden) Edge Favourites Backup.bat Double click on the ‘Edge Favourites Backup.bat’ this will compress the 2 folders referenced in Backup/Restore Microsoft Edge Favourites Issue into a file in the Backups folder, the name is
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Asrock J4205-ITX Kodi/NAS Build

NOTE: Please read the updates at the bottom for latest information and testing My 21TB drivepool was hosted on my work computer/NAS, but running this consumes 120W idle and about 160W when transcoding a video. My current Kodi installation is running on a Gigabyte Brix BXBT-1900 (See link for build details) As the NAS
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Chuwi Hi12 Tablet – Charging Issues

Recently bought a Chuwi Hi12 tablet, it is a great tablet, but noticed that it was not charging correctly actually it was suffering the same issue as the MicroUSB charging on my Dell 5130 Tablet. With the Chuwi provided charger and cable, overnight it only got to 26%. I tried with the
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Backup/Restore Microsoft Edge Favourites Issue

Backup the folders mentioned in the article BEFORE you try this I logged into a Windows 8.1 Mobile to update it to Windows 10 Mobile, the favourites that was synced to different location at the time were merged into my current 5 x Windows 10 Edge Browsers and my Microsoft Lumia 950 .  Not good