Thanks to the writeup by HDMKV at Kodi Forums, my interest was tweaked by his praise of the 3D picture quality on Intel Graphics, and it is amazing.


  • Full 1080p MVC 3D MKV playback.
  • HD Audio Format Playback (Dolby TruHD/Atmos and DTS-MA/X).
  • Bitperfect CD Playback (with resolution set to 30P only, see here, might be an incompatibility with certain AV Receivers).


  • Gigabyte Brix BXBT-1900 (£89)
  • 4GB Crucial Memory 1.35v (£14)
  • 250GB Samsung SSD (already had this but any 32GB plus drive will do)

(I would suggest downloading a trial of Acronis True Image 2016, and take a PC backup at each stage, also the Try&Decide feature is useful if you want to try different drivers and settings without having to reinstall Windows if it goes wrong)


Install Windows 10 Home or Pro

Install all available Windows Updates (this may include the Intel Graphics/Audio Drivers)

Update all the windows Apps in the store.


You may need to set the HDMI you are connecting to PC Mode otherwise you may get ghosting issues, and make sure your TV is set to Just Scan in aspect ratio settings, we do not want any scaling.

Kodi & Intel Driver Settings (and downloads)

The settings are in graphical form here, and the download the current 8 Jun 16, WIP build of Kodi with 3D MVC.

Intel Driver Settings:

Some of the Intel settings shown are not on the basic Intel HD Graphics. Set the refresh rate to 30p if you want bitperfect CD audio, this is an Intel Display Driver issue.

Kodi Settings:

Set the graphics to Use Fullscreen Window = true, otherwise the 3D MVC is displayed at 30Hz.  See update below

Set change Refresh Rate On Start/Stop = enabled

If you want bitperfect CD audio in Kodi, change the Kodi Display Refresh setting as well to 30p (from 60p).


Found that Avatar 3D will not play correctly when Use Fullscreen Window = enabled, lots of dropped and skipped frames and high CPU as expected.  To get round this change Display / Kodi refresh rate to 24P, then set Use Fullscreen Window = disabled.  All refresh rates auto change as before, but the 3D MVC that would auto switch to 30Hz, is now already defaulted to 24P