Recently bought a Chuwi Hi12 tablet, it is a great tablet, but noticed that it was not charging correctly actually it was suffering the same issue as the MicroUSB charging on my Dell 5130 Tablet.

With the Chuwi provided charger and cable, overnight it only got to 26%.

I tried with the cable which came with my Juice Power Station, and it reported it would charge in 6 hours, and it did.

Bought this power monitor from PortaPow as I have used their products before.

The Chuwi cable and charger only uses .465A, so is not switching to fast charge mode.

The Power Juice cable is report 2.24, a bit lower than the 3A the charger supports, but at least it is fully charged overnight.

Portapow cables on Amazon work ok.

If anyone has found a good charging cable for this table preferably over 50cm, please add a link to the comments