This is here for LG technical support staff:

The LG OLED55E6V does not display the refresh rate with the screen resolution information like my previous LG 49UB850V LCD, on clicking the INFO button it would display something like:

16:9 1080P 24Hz PCM

Showing 60Hz (24Hz for movies)

The OLED55E6V only displays:

16:9 1080P PCM, like so:

I changed input type (by icon) to PC, Bluray and SetTop Box, same on each but PC showed the resolution of 3840×2160 instead of just 2160p.

I cannot find images of what i got on my old TV, but hopefully you can see that on the TV’s in your office.

Sadly this essential feature was removed on 2016/17 TVs, see below.  I can’t ask for updates, but enough people ask for it back, i can’t imagine it being that difficult a task to reinstate it.


“I have had a look into this further for you and I am sincerely sorry to hear of the issues that you are facing with your TV, thank you for supplying those images. I have had a look on our TVs which are in the office and sadly this is correct. This was removed from our 2016/17 range, there is something that I can do.

I can raise something called a VOC (Voice of Customer/Complaint), this would allow us to send some information over to our development teams for them to investigate what updates need to be added and also what needs to be bought back. I will send this over to them now for you, whereas we won’t receive direct replies sadly so we are not able to provide any updates. I do hope this is something which can be resolved as soon as possible.”